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Steam Cleaning

If you don’t shampoo your carpets on a regular basis, they will smell. Perhaps it’s a bit crude, but you don’t smell like roses if you’re just applying deodorant. You might be able to get away with it for a day or two, and then you’ll need a shower, right? 

Cleaning Tips

Whenever something spills on the carpet (or your child tracks in mud from the football field), you’ve got a limited amount of time before it becomes a stain. And those are difficult to remove; if you can do it at all. Unfortunately, stains undoubtedly take away from the beauty of your carpet. In general, you should keep an area moist, and dilute it with water as you blot. Certain substances, like red wine, require the assistance of salt or bicarbonate of soda to remove colouring and smells, but ideally, you should start with lukewarm water and paper towels to blot the area.

Unlimited cleaning

Working with us gives you the freedom to develop as many cleaning jobs as you wish. Every rug and carpet in the house needs to be vacuumed at least once a week – even if you never walk into the room. Carpets need to have a shampoo every six months, dusting, steam cleaning, window cleaning, you name it and it will need cleaning. 


Choose from the large selection of hotels. To maintain a good reputation and retain customers, hotels must always maintain an impeccable level of cleanliness at the risk of seeing their attendance decrease. Cleaning operations are therefore considered as a fundamental element of the quality image of these public reception facilities.


- A streamlined cart: Used by the staff to transport broomsticks, cleaning products, mops, replacement cloths, garbage bags... It has several compartments.
- A vacuum cleaner: There are several models of vacuum cleaners, for bedrooms as well as for outdoors or wet rooms. For example, hotel cleaning staff use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for kitchens and dining rooms that can remove dry or liquid waste.
- A single brush: Equipped with a circular brush, the single brush is used to clean hard floors (concrete, marble, tiles, etc.). In its mini version, it is effective for cleaning vertical surfaces such as pillars or baseboards. It is ideal for cleaning inaccessible areas and is ideal for intensive use.
- A scrubber-dryer: It cleans the floor, with water and detergent, and vacuum dirty water. It therefore replaces the single disc machine and the water vacuum cleaner advantageously. A rotating brush is used to thoroughly clean and polish the treated surfaces. This system washes and dries the floors very quickly. It is used for cleaning halls and corridors.
- A steam cleaner: It is particularly recommended for room maintenance, as the diffusion of steam at high temperature effectively fights bacteria and dirt. Steam can be applied to all surfaces: carpet, sink, armchair, bed, toilet, remote controls, door handles, etc.


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